Dwayne Haskins has a favorite college quarterback and his name is Deshaun Watson. Dwayne says that he has been training with Deshaun since his Sophomore year in high school. Both Dwayne and Deshaun work with quarterback coach Quincy Avery. Dwayne said that watching Deshaun “dominate college football inspires me, because I have been on the same field with him, throwing the same routes, and learning the same mechanics”. Dwayne said that Deshaun has a “cool and laid back demeanor”. Dwayne says that he too has a very laid back personality and that you will rarely see him yelling or emotional on the sidelines. Watson told Haskins that he doesn’t have to be anything that he is not. That he does not have to be JT, or anyone else. Watson told him that ultimately studying and putting the work in will earn the trust of the locker room. Here’s what Deshaun says he told Dwayne before the season started:

“I just told him, be who you are and don’t let anyone change that. Every time you step on that field.. you have that Kobe mentality. “Nobody will stop me!” And just play 1 play at a time. It’s a long and up/down season. Everything you do matters”

I have video of the two working out together this summer;

KJ Hill’s Improvements

KJ already has more receiving yards this season than he had all of last year. said that coming into the season he still felt like he had plenty to improve upon. He wanted to get in and out of his breaks faster, he’s been focused on not getting touched. He said that one of the reasons why he wanted to come to Ohio State was because Coach Meyer spends a lot of time with the wide receivers and Coach “likes perfection”. He said now when he goes back and watches tape of himself as a freshman he cringes and wonders why he would ever do some of the things he did and says he could never get away with that on the field now.

How KJ Hill Get’s His Legs ready for Gameday

KJ has a very interesting routine the night before games. It starts with acupuncture, and then 15 minutes in the NormaTec recovery boots, followed by a massage with a portable massage gun. He then drinks a peanut butter and chocolate ice cream shake with cheddar popcorn. He does this every night before games around 7-8pm. He says if he doesn’t do all of it (including the shake and popcorn) that he does not feel prepared for the game.

KJ Hill The Hunter

KJ is from Little Rock, Arkansas and he is quick to say that he is not country but that he is southern. His Dad, Keith Hill, taught him how to hunt and fish when he was young. He is an avid hunter and fisher that tries to make time for his outdoor hobby during his offseason. It is something that KJ says he does to relax and take his mind off of things. Here’s a picture from one of his hunting outings:

Elijah describes the relationship he has with David as an unbreakable bond. They were roommates on the road the first 2 years of their careers together and have been best friends ever since. David is a year older and he says they have been through the ups and downs of each QB playing well and playing poorly, of winning 2 games in a season and winning 7. Elijah says the only thing they differ on is that David always wanted to watch football on the road and Elijah always wanted to watch How It’s Made(because of his Engineer mindset)


David said that it was a very good quarterback battle during camp and that when he didn’t get the starting job he knew he just had to prepare and be ready for the moment when his team needed him. David says the adversity that he has dealt with during his Purdue career allows him to play free now. “As a sophomore I led the country in interceptions (21), I dealt with failure and had to get up the next day and go to work”. Blough says I am not “defined by if I throw 5 TDs or 5 INTs” so he feels free to play relaxed. Blough also believes that the coaching staff has empowered him with aggressive play calling and Coach Brohm told him to “go out there and cut it loose” before the Missouri game and that’s what he is trying to do in every match up.


David Blough says that he has been around many different types of players but that Rondale Moore is the most professional and mature player he has ever seen arrive on campus as a freshman. Blough says the story that best illustrates how Moore handles business occurred before a summer workout. David said he got a call at 11:30pm one night before a player led workout that the 5thyear quarterback was expected to run. It was RondaleMoore calling and he wanted his QB to draw up every play that was on the script for the team to run. David said be pulled out a marker and white board and drew up every play on Facetime and answered all of Rondale’squestions. David said he came to college attacking every practice and workout with the kind of dedication and effort that only a few players possess.


Senior safety Jacob Thieneman said that he and his younger brother sophomore Brennan Thieneman use to talk about playing college football together like it was a fantasy. The brothers are best friends although while they were growing up they were always in competition. Jake said even going up the stairs was a race. They have competed in everything together from basketball and football and they loved extreme sports like roller blading, dirt biking and skiing/snowboarding. But now that they are taking snaps together at Purdue, Jacob calls it surreal. Jake has gone from walk on to team captain. He has undergone 5 surgeries in 4 years (2 foot, 2 shoulder, 1 hand). He is now trying to use his experience at Purdue to help his brother through the process of earning a scholarship. He said “you have to know what you are getting into and come out every day looking to earn your spot”. Pictures of the Thieneman brothers growing up provided by mother, Shannon.