Nick and Joey Bosa Relationship
Joey was a two time All-American at Ohio State and has 23 sacks in 28 games with the Los Angeles Chargers. Nick says that he talks to Joey every day they are always FaceTiming and texting. Lately Nick has been making sure Joey stays up as he rehabs from a bone bruise in his foot. Nick says growing up they were rough with each other. Nick says his older brother was constantly bullying him and picking on him. But when he got to his Freshman year of High School which was Joey’s senior year, the two brothers really started to bond. The two brothers enjoy talking through the little details of football like skill techniques. (ex: Joey asking Nick during camp about his side scissor move “do you throw your hands up or do you club with your outside hand first”). During their off season they still find time to be together and look for unique ways to relax. This summer they spent a week on the island of Exuma in the Bahamas. Nick sent me these pictures of him and his brother playing with the wild pigs who inhabit Big Major Cay in Exuma.   

*** P.S. Get well soon Nick!

 Without Urban Meyer
Nick Bosa said that he did not notice Urban Meyer was gone during camp because as a defense they usually spend most of their time with their position coach. Nick said that the one thing that stood out to him was on game day not having Coach Meyer in the locker room. “He is a great motivator and I miss that voice” but Bosa said Meyer has already set a culture of execution and expectations on the field that do not just crumble because he cannot travel. Bosa said that his team is taking every game seriously despite their off the field situation. Bosa brought up last season’s big win vs Penn State that was followed up by a loss to Iowa. He says that last season’s disappointments are keeping them focused through the distractions. 

Dwayne Haskins and Deshaun Watson

Courtesy of QB Coach Avery Quincy

Dwayne Haskins has a favorite college quarterback and his name is Deshaun Watson. Dwayne says that he has been training with Deshaun since his Sophomore year in high school. Both Dwayne and Deshaun work with quarterback coach Quincy Avery. Dwayne said that watching Deshaun “dominate college football inspires me, because I have been on the same field with him, throwing the same routes, and learning the same mechanics”. Dwayne said that Deshaun has a “cool and laid back demeanor”. Dwayne says that he too has a very laid back personality and that you will rarely see him yelling or emotional on the sidelines. Watson told Haskins that he doesn’t have to be anything that he is not. That he does not have to be JT, or anyone else. Watson told him that ultimately studying and putting the work in will earn the trust of the locker room.

What stands out is just his presence! When he steps on the field you notice him. And people may think that’s not a good word for a quarterback but not every quarterback steps on the field and the other team and the fans are all locked in and on their toes every play! He makes guys around him better. He loves the game and is always ready to learn.

I just told him, be who you are and don’t let anyone change that. Every time you step on that field.. you have that Kobe mentality. “Nobody will stop me!” And just play 1 play at a time. It’s a long and up/down season. Everything you do matters
— Deshaun Watson, Texans Quaterback on Dwayne Haskins


Dwayne on Waiting His Turn
Dwayne Haskins has already been named a Big 10 Offensive Player of the week and he says that being able to sit and learn has helped him immensely going into his first season as a starter. He said he watched how JT Barrett “handled the media and adversity handled the good times and the bad times”. He said it is priceless to be able to watch someone like JT instead of just being thrown into the fire at a young age and having to learn as you burn. He said that being the starting quarterback at Ohio State has been everything and then some. He is trying to maintain his same schedule, one that factors in 2-3 additional hours of film study a day. Haskins says that having a coach like Ryan Day is really helpful because “coach day is so talented and puts in a lot of work” to get him ready. Dwayne says Coach Day has been putting the pressure on him to execute better in practice, stressing the fact that “if you get one look in the game, you may never get it again so you have to be ready to capitalize on the opportunity.”  

Dwayne’s Dogs 
Random fact. Dwayne loves dogs and he has 3. He told me that he is a fan of small dogs and enjoys the fact that they like to cuddle. Haskins has two Yorki Poo’s but his girlfriend Savhana made him get a Dobermann Pinscher (but he says its like having a big lap dog). Dog names: Princeton & Coco Chanel


Ben Banogou’s Story
Ben told me that coming out of High School no one was interested in recruiting him. He sent his tapes out to everyone in the state of Texas. The two star ended up at Louisiana Monroe. When he finally became a starter he actually registered his first sack in a game against Alabama’s Jake Coker. He said after a great season he started looking again for a Power 5 school. When he received interest from TCU he said “it was not about weighing my option, it was when do I need to be there”. Ben said that his journey through mid-majors has made him appreciate the opportunity that he has at TCU. Ben treated his redshirt year as the perfect opportunity to improve his body and football IQ. Last year, Ben was “grinding like a freshman that wanted to prove himself but operating with the maturity of a senior”. Banogu says he views TCU as one of the best places on earth he called it his “oasis” so when it was time to decide if he should come back for his senior season, Banogou said the answer was a no brainer.