Quadree Ollison’s Message to His Brother’s Murderer
Last year after the NC State game Quadree Ollison found out that his brother Lerowne Harris  was shot and killed in his home town at the age of 35. Quadree decided not to go home until the funeral and instead stay and prepare with his team because he knew that is what his brother would ultimately want. Quadree actually went to middle school with the killer at Gaskill, where they were classmates. Ollison and his family finally received some closure when the gunman was given the maximum sentence of 25 years for first degree manslaughter. The first day that Quadree reported to camp was the day of sentencing for his brother’s killer. Quadree said he went back and forth on whether or not he would write a statement to be read to the judge by his father at the sentencing. But ultimately decided that he had a message that needed to be delivered and wrote it the night before sentencing. The message was about forgiveness and choosing not to hate his brother’s killer. Here is an excerpt from his letter:

“Now here I am and I have this choice to hate you or not. I choose not to. I don’t hate you, Denzel. I hate what you did, most certainly. But I still think your life is just as precious as the next person’s. No life means more than another’s. None of us are perfect. Nobody in here is perfect. With all that being said I still believe that your life is precious”

Quadree and his brother Lerowne were very close, Quadree wanted to do everything like his brother and break all of his little league records. He came to his Pitt games and also kept him on the right path growing up in a rough neighborhood. He writes a message to his brother every game on his right cleat and on his left cleat he writes the neighborhood they grew up in.  



Amari Hands Routine
Amari is very superstitious and always does the exact same workout before every game and before most practices. He feels like its the best way to get his hands ready. It starts with a weighted football (about 3lbs) because he said it helps strengthen his fingers. (We have video)

  • Dropping and catching 100x 

  • Turn to the tip of ball and do it 100x

  • Then rotating hands dropping and catching it

  • Then he has someone toss him a ball to get his hands warm 

  • And completes the warm up with 2 step dig routes and focuses on getting in and out of breaks.


Wide Receiver Thoughts on Trevor
As the offense continues to roll Amari says a big part of it is Trevor Lawrence. Rogers said the true freshman is always hard on himself in practice he expects to perform just as well in practice as he does in games. Amari also says that Lawrence is a great communicator. His QB tells him exactly where he needs to be on his routes and that Lawrence’s ball placement is money. “He always throws it away from the DB so wide receivers can make plays,” says Rogers. 


Clemson Defensive Lineman Scoring
Dexter said that after Christian scored his TD against Florida State, that he started complaining to coach. He told him he didn’t want to come in and block on offense he wanted to get a score too. So coach put a play in for Dexter and he got to score against Louisville. He did point out that he had a 2 yard score and that Christians was only one yard. He also said that they practice the play at least once a practice. 

Clemson Combating Complacency
Dexter Lawrence said that they recognize they are rolling right now but they are also cautious because of the back slides have suffered the last two regular seasons. Every time they step on the field the goal is not only to defeat their opponent but also to have “flawless victories”. Dexter says it has been incredible “seeing us grow each week the focus and intensity it’s the best since I’ve been here and that is partially because we have a leader in every position group” Dexter also says that as a Dline they have a mindset it starts with us and that means it starts in practices and in meetings”. 

Travis Etienne Role Models
Etienne Believes his strength is seeing the field and squeezing through the hole. But the players that he models his game after are the following:

  • Leonard Fournette- being a good down hill runner

  • Darius Guice- running with anger

  • Ezekiel Elliott-running with vision and agility

He says he knows he has a lot to learn but those are the guys that he watches film on to perfect his game. 

Substitute Teacher Christian Wilkins
During the Spring Christian Wilkins decided to become a substitute teacher. He has already graduated and all of his master’s classes are online so he had some extra time on his hand. One of his brothers is a full-time teacher and another brother is a sub and Christian thought it would be a great way to make extra money. He went through the interview process and actually subbed about 10-15 times. He has done elementary school and high school, but has filled in for Kindergarten and pre-k classes more than anything. Christian said he felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten cop because they would swarm him and want to play. Principal Ashley Robertson of James M. Brown Elementary said that the number one thing that stood out to her about wilkins was that he was very professional. She said when she walked him down to the room he was a little nervous before entering. She said it was adorable to see him sitting in tiny kindergarten chairs, or laying on the floor playing bingo games with the kinds. She said the one picture she wishes she could have taken was Christian walking with one student who was sick holding their hand and leading them down the hall. James M. Brown is a title 1 school with a high poverty level, 88% of the students are on free or reduced lunch, Robertson said having the kids around Wilkins was an invaluable experience for the students. Picture of Christian at James M. Brown Elementary.