Amari jokes that he didn’t know that his Dad was a big deal in the college football world until he was probably in middle school and that at first he didn’t believe it was his dad throwing bombs to Peerless Price. During Clemson’s back week back in October Amari flew out to LA to visit his dad at USC. Amari said he was on the west coast for about a day and a half. But he was able to be there Friday and Saturday. Amari said that he and his father talk all the time. At the beginning of the week they check in and talk about the games that they have coming up. They check in with each other again mid-week, around Wednesday and see how the week of preparation is going and discuss specific match ups. On Friday and Saturday they are sending each other their final good lucks. Amari said that the best advice he has ever received from his Dad is to never “let it tear you up if something doesn’t go your way, and to never get to confident when something is going your way”. Amari said that his Dad is always working and that he never gets complacent and that is the same work ethic he tries to attack his game with.


Amari is very superstitious and always does the exact same workout before every game and before most practices. He feels like its the best way to get his hands ready. It starts with a weighted football (about 3lbs) because he said it helps strengthen his fingers. (We have video)

  • Dropping and catching 100x

  • Turn to the tip of ball and do it 100x

  • Then rotating hands dropping and catching it

  • Then he has someone toss him a ball to get his hands warm

  • And completes the warm up with 2 step dig routes and focuses on getting in and out of breaks.


As the offense continues to roll Amari says a big part of it is Trevor Lawrence. Rogers said the true freshman is always hard on himself in practice he expects to perform just as well in practice as he does in games. Amari also says that Lawrence is a great communicator. His QB tells him exactly where he needs to be on his routes and that Lawrence’s ball placement is money. “He always throws it away from the DB so wide receivers can make plays,” says Rogers.


Dexter said that after Christian scored his TD against Florida State, that he started complaining to coach. He told him he didn’t want to come in and block on offense he wanted to get a score too. So coach put a play in for Dexter and he got to score against Louisville. He did point out that he had a 2 yard score and that Christians was only one yard. He also said that they practice the play at least once a practice.


Dexter Lawrence said that they recognize they are rolling right now but they are also cautious because of the back slides have suffered the last two regular seasons. Every time they step on the field the goal is not only to defeat their opponent but also to have “flawless victories”. Dexter says it has been incredible “seeing us grow each week the focus and intensity it’s the best since I’ve been here and that is partially because we have a leader in every position group” Dexter also says that as a Dline they have a mindset it starts with us and that means it starts in practices and in meetings”.

BC FROM 3-9 to 7-2

When Wyatt Ray was a freshman the Eagles went 3-9 and he said their was a lot of selfish play on the field and selfish attitudes in the locker room but the culture has shifted and everyone has bought in. “It’s a mindset we all really really really love football. As a team we watch Thursday, and Friday games all of us really love football after practice we get together and actually talk about it and discuss ways we can be better next practice. We carry a different mindset into everything we do now”


During the offseason AJ was hyper focused on making small improvements to his body and game because he remembers last seasons breakout game against Louisville. He said that he had 40 carries and was completely gassed towards the end game. He wanted to improve his stamina because he felt like there were times during that game that he wasn’t dependable. He managed to get his body fat down to 7%. Now he feels like he has an endless motor he just has to stay healthy.


AJ says that if you ask any of his teammates who his favorite running back is “they would tell you with disgust that its Leonard Fournette because I talk about him all the time” Dillon says that Fournette “does everything with a purpose he has something to prove he runs aggressive, and he runs angry” and Dillon says he can identify with that because he always feels like he has something to prove.


AJ says that talented people from his hometown don’t often make it out. He said that he has uncles that could have gone pro. AJ has been inspired to make something of himself and do it for his hometown. Dillon says that is why he chose to come to Boston College “I wanted to be someone that people from my town can see and know that their dreams are attainable if you chase them.” His mom had him when she was a junior in college and AJ says that they basically grew up together. “My mom worked 3 jobs to make sure I was taken care of and she still managed to take me to every practice. He plays for his family and his hometown. He writes his mom and sisters name on one wrist (Olivia and Jessica) and on the other wrist he writes NL Stand Up (New London, CT), when times get hard he looks at both wrists to remember who he plays for.


AJ Dillon said “we are out to prove that we are not just the little engine that could, people think that we are just suppose to be happy to be here that we are just suppose to be happy that Gameday is here...these are the big game upsets you dream about”