Rodarius is the older brother of LSU cornerback Greedy Williams. Rodarius said that he has been inspired by the performance of his younger brother to perform at a high level because he wants to prove that “talent runs in the blood line”. Rodarius says that he and his brother train together at home during the offseason and that they have always been best friends that support one another. The Williams Brothers stepdad, Lonnie Bryant, FaceTime’s both brothers after every game and goes through game film with them. And they always do a 3 way call after every game to discuss what they are seeing in each other’s game. They played high school football together for 3 years both starting at cornerback and they also played basketball. The Parents drive cross country so that every week they will be at one of their sons games and they take turns trying to make sure they spend equal time with both sons. This week Rodarius says he gets the whole family since LSU is on a bye.



Smith started his collegiate football career at Michigan State redshirting in 2014 and played in just three games in 2015. And 2 days before the 2016 season, Smith announced that he would be leaving the program. So Enoch spent the 16-17 season at Kennedy-King College. But the junior college in Chicago did not have a football team. He worked on academics while also working out with his father and he also worked part time at Dick’s Sporting Goods as a cashier and in the clothing department. Enoch told me when he showed up for the first day of work he thought to himself “I will do whatever it takes to return to Power 5 football”. He says getting another chance to play is at Oklahoma State is a dream come true. He says he has found a home, a role, and he has a daughter on the way.

Enoch also has very altruistic goals set for when he is finished playing football. He hopes to start a foundation to help the homeless because he saw poverty growing up on the South Side of Chicago. And he wants to help people with Autism because his younger brother Trey is autistic. He says Trey has been the biggest impact on his life and that he works hard on the field to put a smile on Trey’s face. His younger brother is always happy when Enoch performs well.



This is a game that Freshman Caden Sterns circled on the calendar before the season started. He said he has been looking forward to playing Oklahoma State because it is his older brother’s Alma Mater. Former first team All Big 12 Safety Jordan Sterns. Caden says that although he grew up a Texas fan, when his brother went to Oklahoma State the family became OSU supporters and that Stillwater became a home away from home. OSU did recruit him and he is very familiar with the coaching staff. His brother Jordan will be at the game in Texas gear. Caden says he has no choice because he wore Oklahoma State gear for him for 4 years. Caden says he and his brother are very close. Jordan always sends halftime adjustments which he never sees until the end of the game. But he loves having a brother that has a football mind that can help push him to be great.


Caden says that as soon as he got on campus at Texas he went to coaches searching for game film and the playbook. He said he knew that there were a lot of talented DB’s on the roster and he wanted to be prepared to have an instant impact. He has always been a huge Longhorn fan growing up in Texas. Caden said he wants to bring back the days of 2005 Texas and get the Longhorns back to the top of the college football conversation for all of the right reasons. Caden did say that his brother has warned him to also find hobbies and interests away from football. He is a self proclaimed gym rat that loves being around the game but he is trying to do a better job at finding some balance.



Collin Johnson and his brother, Texas running back Kirk Collins, have a unique off field hobby. They both have an interest in video production and have their own YouTube channel. The brothers create their own graphics, shoot and edit their own video and post content on their Vlog (mostly during the offseason). Collin says that his channel is dedicated to inspiring younger student athletes. He says he tries to post things that he wishes he could have seen from college athletes while hews in high school. In one video he had a contest. He asked athletes to send him a video about their goals. He surprised high school kid who was trying to make his school’s team for the first time. He Also loves to share his workout routines which include gymnastics (he can backflip in sand), boxing (to help him get better at getting off of press coverage), and yoga (to help prevent injury, and recover)