Purdue Notes

Second Time Around The Rehab
This is the second time Elijah has torn his ACL. He tore the same ACL his senior year in HS (left). Elijah says the 2ndtime around has been much smoother than his first surgery. He says he felt aches and pains and he would be hesitant during rehab the first time around. But he learned that it was just scar tissue or stiffness. During his latest rehab process, the times when he felt certain aches and pains he knew it was normal and he was prepared to push through which allowed him to strengthen the muscles around his knee and to get back sooner. 

Protecting His Throwing Motion
Sindelar was back throwing to WRs during the spring and doing daily drills. But as he learned from his first ACL tear it is important to keep a consistent throwing motion. He said he really had to focus on using his hips and not overcompensating with his healthy leg. The injured knee is his plant leg. He worked really hard not to create bad habits and when summer came he was full go during 7 on 7 and moving around the pocket. 

Blough & Sindelar QB Relationship
Elijah describes the relationship he has with David as an unbreakable bond. They were roommates on the road the first 2 years of their careers together and have been best friends ever since. David is a year older and he says they have been through the ups and downs of each QB playing well and playing poorly, of winning 2 games in a season and winning 7. Elijah says the only thing they differ on is that David always wanted to watch football on the road and Elijah always wanted to watch How It’s Made. 

Elijah Sindelar The Electrical Engineer
Elijah will graduate with a degree in Electrical engineering (his dad is an electrical engineer) he is taking 13 credit hours. Sindelar said the toughest year was his first year because he was learning a new playbook and the classes are really tough because the program is trying to weed students out early. He said this may be his easiest year of school because it’s the first time he has ever had the same playbook for 2 consecutive seasons so there will be one less thing to worry about on the football side. Might be cool to build a graphic on his course load:

  • ECE 30800 Systems Simulation and Control Laboratory

  • ECE 39595 Electromagnetics II

  • ECE 43200 Elements of Power System Engineering

  • ECE 50653 Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

  • STAT 41600 Probability

He studies 3-4 hours a day and more on the weekends.

Coach Brohm Difference
Markus Bailey says that Coach Brohm fed a confidence to the team that they have been lacking in years past. Elijah Sindelar said he preached the one game season. And learning from wins and losses and moving on from both. He said Brohm’s approach “was good for the team it was not overwhelming and all he cared about was coming to work every day and giving great effort it wasn’t about wins and losses it was about effort. And now we can see that his philosophy has paid off we are 100% in.” 

Northwestern Notes

Clayton Thorson Returning
Clayton says throughout the process of recovering from his injury he has taken a lot of cues from individuals who have been in his shoes before. He says he learned from what Andrew Luck said: “I cannot skip steps…I think I pushed a little too hard on certain things” Clayton says that although he wants to get back to playing as soon as possible that he also needs to listen to his body he doesn’t want to skip steps. He also spoke to former Northwestern Quarterback Trevor Siemian whose Northwestern career ended with a torn ACL November 2014. He says he’s learned to turn dealing with an injury to a mental edge that is making him a better player and teammate. 

Clayton Wedding
Thorson got engaged last august. And looked at his summer schedule and found the one off-week that he had during the summer and that’s when they scheduled the wedding. He said he wanted to make sure he could dance at his wedding (which he did). They honey mooned in West Palm Beach. And he says now he lives with his wife Audrey in Evanston. 

#24 CB Montre Hartage
Hartage said growing up his family did not have enough money to pay for official visits or camps so he had a limited level of exposure. Montre says that during the recruiting process he only had a couple of schools from the Sunbelt and Conference USA interested in him. But he was waiting on a Power 5 offer. In fact, 2 days before signing with Northwestern he was committed to Georgia Southern. He remembers it being Super Bowl Sunday and Northwestern calling to say that someone decommitted so there was an open spot. He took Northwestern up on the offer without visiting campus. 

Paddy Fisher Losing his Father
Paddy’s father passed away in 2010 at the age of 46 from cancer (Steven Fisher). Paddy says what he still draws on from his father is being a fighter. He said his Dad worked from home on his computer until the day he passed away. He wants to keep in mind how much of a fighter his father was and be the same person and player.

RB Jeremy Larkin
He knows that he is the successor of one of Northwestern’s great backs. Jeremy says he has been preparing for this moment. Jeremy said the one thing that he learned from Justin Jackson was his attention to every detail of the game. “Jackson knew where everyone was supposed to be on every play, he could have been a quarterback”. Larkin ramped up his film study during the offseason and now spends more time learning defensive tendencies. He has also watched other Running backs to study certain attributes.

  1. Laveon Bell-Patience

  2. James White- ability to catch out of the backfield

  3. Adrian Peterson- aggressive running style

  4. Barry Sanders- balance, pad level-new running backs coach Louis Ayeni cut up highlights of Sanders for Larkin to watch

Paddy Fisher Notebook
Toward the end of Paddy’s first year in Evanston he bought a notebook and began recording notes from film sessions, writing personal goals and inspiring quotes. He said that he has now transferred most of his notes over to his phone so that it’s easier to keep up with and have handy at all times. He devotes time daily to reading/writing in his notes. He said doing this has helped him overcome one of his biggest battles which is between his ears and helped him remain positive through his successes and failures. Remember DC Mike Hankwitz said a part of Paddy’s development involves him becoming more confident and realizing that he is a great player. Here’s the page he sent: