Kenny Williams On His Shot
Kenny says that he has not been shooting the ball like he would like to but that he still has his confidence, but the shots just aren’t falling. He says it reminds him of a slump he had last year that started against Ohio State and went through the Pitt game. That is a slump that lasted from December 23rdto February 3rdand during that time Kenny was shooting 30% from 3. But he said he never lost his confidence and because of that he was able to knock down 6 threes against Duke and the slump was broken. Kenny did say that he usually goes to shoot around and then rests before games but that now he gets shots up before and after shoot around just to get some extra work in until his shot starts to fall again. He said he just told Hubert Davis that it is starting to feel better and that his shot is coming. Coach Davis said, “it’s already here”. 


The Freshmen
Kenny said the team is a lot different now without Joel and Theo and because there are younger players playing big minutes. Kenny said that each freshman can affect the game in different ways. He said Leaky Black will always come in a d get a deflection or a steal that provides energy and the whole team feeds off of it. Kenny said that he told Nassir Little this week to “just play big and be you”. Williams says he knows Nassir will come up big in a big game and he wants him to stay confident. And Kenny says that Coby has simply impressed from the start “he plays see bucket, go get bucket, no fear at all”. Williams says he is conscious of the fact that he has to keep the young guys encouraged because he remembers exactly what it was like to be in their shoes. 


Garrison Brooks
Garrison says that he feels so much more comfortable on the court this season, “a year ago when ACC play started my head was spinning”. He said during the offseason that he watched a lot of film of former Tar Heel big men. Here is what he took away from their game and wants to incorporate into his:

Deon Thompson- how he was a playmaker and glue guy 

Bryce Johnson- how he used his explosiveness

James McAdoo- how he finishes

Garrison also said that he put on about 15 pounds since his freshman year and that it has really helped him become more explosive and improved his strength for defending in the post. 


Jordan Nwora
I talked to Jordan on Thursday and he says he worked in the offseason on getting to the rim more and worked on his midrange game a lot so that he could be more than just a shooter he wants to be a scorer. Jordan said since the Indiana game he has noticed that teams are paying more attention to him on defense. He talked about Miami playing Box and 1 in the 2ndhalf after he scored 18 in the first. So he says he has been working on reading the defense so that he is always reacting to defenses in a way that will help his team.


Nwora working with Dino Gaudio
Nwora says that Dino has helped him a lot and is always talking to him about what it will take for him to go from being a good player to a great player. Jordan said they had a meeting and Dino talked to him about the guys at the next level that he would have to guard and explained that he has to be disciplined and dialed in on the defensive end. He has really been challenging Jordan there and Nwora says It is all about effort and locking in which is something that he is working on. They also work on his offense. Dino helps him before practice by recording him shooting from 5 spots on the court getting to the rack, shooting pull ups and shooting 3’s and telling him how he can be more efficient getting to his sports and shooting the ball better. Gaudio has been working with him to be consistent with his release, it can get low at times.