Nick Harris

+ Only offered by New Hampshire and Cal Poly before Washington offered him. Nick says when he got to campus a lot of guys thought he was a walk on because of his size 

+ Nick moved from guard to center this season and is a 1st team all PAC-12 player

+ Before his official visit to Washington he had never been on an airplane or ever envisioned playing outside the state of California 


+ Before they came to campus Jake sent a twitter to message to Myles that said let’s turn this program around. Jake said he wanted to reach out and let the entire recruiting class know that he was ready to work toward being a part of something special 

+ Myles says his relationship with Jake is like a brotherhood that they will be friends for the rest of their lives because they have been through so much together

+ They push each other, they hold each other accountable, they fight

+ Myles on Jake’s leadership style: ““Jake is going 100 percent,” Gaskin said. “And if you’re not, he’s yelling at you. Either you’re going to listen to him or he’s going to get annoying.”

WR Ty Jones 

+ Has a love for ballroom dancing, and says he used to get made fun of for it but that he really believes it has helped with his body control footwork on routes and sideline catches

+ His HS Provo, High has won 10 state championships in Ball room dancing 

+ Took classes in middle school and during his final semester in high school he doubled up on ballroom classes to satisfy a fine arts credit and graduated early to enroll at Washington early 

LB Tevis Bartlett 

+ Major is education, communities and organizations, He’s completing a student internship at a local Seattle HS, once his FB responsibilities are done around 11:30am he heads over to the HS and helps with a senior level US government and Econ class

+ Has also been an assistant wrestling coach at a local middle school

+ Tevis was a four-time state champion in wrestling but decided to play football in college