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ESPN's Maria Taylor Relies on Faith to Guide Her Career and Life Decisions

This groundbreaking sports broadcaster learned that a relationship with her higher power helped her to navigate life's ups and downs.


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Beautiful, smart, athletic and can talk sports - what more can one say? ESPN Analyst and reporter Maria Taylor is a winner no matter the arena.


We deal with an ever-growing amount of nonsense every day, so cutting through the clutter and trying to find those really striving to make a difference is always welcomed. One of those on the watch is ESPN’s Maria Taylor. Taylor and business partner Corinne Milien have started The Winning Edge Leadership Academy, which will develop the next generation of women and minority leaders in sports business.  


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GamePlan A guest Maria Taylor shares the seven lessons that have guided her from playing sports to a groundbreaking broadcasting career.

Are you struggling to find that perfect college course, the internship that fits your profile or the job where you can thrive? Well it’s time to decide on your purpose, speak up and let everyone know where you want to be – if you are not vocal about your goals you will silently accept failure.



Maria Taylor is one of the faces of College Gameday. She is also a former volleyball and women's basketball player at the University of Georgia who covers college sports for ESPN as an analyst, host and reporter. Maria is the first black woman to be a part of the College Gameday cast in its 30 year history. She understands that the title of "first" is long overdue, but it also signals that change is a must.



It's a weekly warmup that's been a fan favorite for 30 years, but there's a new face in the familiar — and all-male — cast: Her name is Maria Taylor. “I feel like I'm in the right place, right time, but also the right person,” says Taylor. “There's a push to bring diversity to the forefront of sports.… I don't know if it's a ...


ATLANTA — On the morning of her College GameDay debut in a city that shaped her, ESPN's Maria Taylor imagines euphoria. She pictures a strong toss Saturday from host Rece Davis, whose voice from downtown Atlanta before the Alabama-Florida State clash at Mercedes-Benz Stadium will introduce a new college ...


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Maria Taylor made the transition from two-sport star at Georgia to versatile broadcaster at ESPN by keeping the same mantra in both arenas. It explains Taylor's ascension up the ESPN ranks as she begins the 2017 season with a new assignment as a reporter for ESPN's flagship program "College ...